Ghana’s Rare Talent-Prince Kojo-Hilton; the Artistic Genius…

Have you ever been blown away by the set design, make-up or visual effects of costume from a movie scene or stage play or any form of theatre? The excellence or brilliance and creativity, showcased in the choice, build, or setup in a stage play or movie? That scary face? That fake tattoo? That scar? The bruised faces? You come across a good art painting and are curious to know the person behind it.

Most often, we easily forget about the intelligence and amount of work that went into the scripts or set-up. We only hail the excellence in the delivery of the actors, and so readily or easily ignore the works of the actual talents behind the screen; the writer, director, cinematographer, set designer, scenic artist, and other equally important crew members.

One of such, of amazingly unbelievable talent, with the drive and motivation to go beyond the limitations of his circumstances or environment is Ghana’s very own, Prince Kojo-Hilton.

The glamour in the final stage set-up for the Tema International School’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast- 2018
Impeccable detail in the set-up…

For a privileged few, this name rings a bell, but, the sound, does not resonate with the magnitude of his actual artistic talent or capabilities.

Prince Kojo-Hilton is an Arts Director, Production Designer, Set Designer, Scenic Painter, Graphic Artist, Make-up Effects Artist, Storyboard Illustrator, Model Maker, 3D Illusion Artist, based in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Indeed, a one-stop shop, in Ghana.

Prince Kojo-Hilton has been at his game for over fifteen (15) years, growing tremendously over the years in Ghana and beyond.

His rich display of artistic brilliance landed him his first Hollywood gig when Jean-Claude Van Damme, hand-picked him for a production in Kenya, after watching his portfolio online.

Prince has done several extensively remarkable works and collaborations with national and multinational entities in the area of movie production, stage plays and threatre, art exhibition, tutoring and mentoring, in Ghana, and beyond, leaving people bedazzled.

Popular among his works was the recent thriller, the amazing set design for the widely publicized Tema International Schools’ Beauty and the Beast threatre adaptation. This set design was easily described as the best ever seen in the country, and beyond. A real masterpiece. His display of talent and creativity left everyone spell-bound and enchanted. A real broadway experience, as judged by many.

Prince Kojo-Hilton is poised to revolutionize arts in Ghana and beyond in exploring and setting the pace for the extent to which creativity and natural talent could be harnessed, nurtured, and developed.

Absolutely stunning and fascinating stage design
A real masterpiece
Special Effects Make-up for popular musician, Edem’s sensational music video ‘Nyedzilo.’
A set-up  for a studio program

Prince Kojo-Hilton is also responsible for several television station studio designs and set-ups in Ghana.

He is also the brain behind several media events stage set-ups. When it comes to music video set designs, he is the real deal.

Other works by the Artist includes:

A set for a stage play: ‘Men Don Die,’ 2018-Accra International Conference Center
Master of the art of 3D with this incredible 3D image of Spiderman

For the ardent arts lover, you will find his creativity sizzling. Indeed, each work by this artist, is a real masterpiece, never done, but yet to be done, and again, never seen, but yet to be seen.

Master of the art of 3D Illusion
The Infamous Throne of Mics at the 2016 edition of Ghana Meets Naija
3D image from Netflix’s original series, ‘Sense8,’ 2014, by yours truly

If you are already a fan, or you find Prince Kojo-Hilton intriguing or fascinating, check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Reach him on Facebook and on Instagram

Prince Kojo-Hilton, the maestro…

Such are the hidden talents among us, whose achievements ought to be celebrated.